INNOAQUA Project Second Biannual Meeting

From June 25 to 27, 2024, the INNOAQUA Project convened its second biannual meeting, hosted by Project Partner Leitat. This crucial event brought together project partners, stakeholders, and experts to discuss progress, share insights, and strategize for the future, underscoring the project’s commitment to sustainable aquaculture practices.

Day 1: Horizon4Proteins Partnership and sister project Updates

The meeting kicked off with presentations from our Horizon4Proteins partners as well as sister projects to INNOAQUA, highlighting their impressive progress:

  • NOVAFOODIES EU Project: Showcased advancements in sustainable food systems, emphasizing innovative approaches to food production
  • Smart Protein Project: Introduced breakthroughs in alternative protein sources, focusing on sustainability and nutrition
  • IMPRESS Project: Detailed the latest in protein processing technologies, aiming to enhance efficiency and quality
  • ASTRAL Project: Presented advancements in aquaculture and marine biotechnology, contributing to sustainable marine resources
Innoaqua Project - Biannual Meeting - 01

These presentations not only informed but also inspired collaborative efforts among attendees.

For more detailed information, visit the Horizon4Proteins page and our sister projects page as well as the ASTRAL project page.

INNOAQUA Project Progress Reports

In the afternoon, the focus shifted to updates from INNOAQUA Project partners across six work packages (WPs):

WP1: Co-creation of Social Innovations: Emphasized societal engagement and acceptance, showcasing successful community integration strategies

WP2: Sustainable Aquaculture Practices: Reported on the implementation of eco-friendly aquaculture techniques, aiming for environmental sustainability

WP3: Development and Optimization of Processing Techniques: Highlighted innovations enhancing processing efficiency and product quality

WP4: Formulation of Innovative Seafood Ingredients and Products: Unveiled new product formulations designed to meet market demands and enhance consumer satisfaction

WP5: Sustainability, Safety, and Regulation: Ensured all practices meet stringent regulatory standards while promoting overall sustainability

WP6: Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation: Discussed strategies for effective communication and maximizing the project’s impact

These sessions provided a comprehensive overview of the project’s achievements, challenges, and future directions, fostering a collaborative approach to addressing potential deviations.

Day 2: Interactive Workshops and Facility Visit

The second day featured interactive breakout sessions aimed at brainstorming various project tasks. The day began with three significant workshops:

  1. Implementing From Product to Market Co-Creation in INNOAQUA: Focused on social behaviors and strategies for effective market integration
  2. The INNOAQUA Value chain: from strain selection and biomass production to processing and production of ingredients to final product formulation was discussed
  3. Life Cycle Assessment: Addressed the environmental impact of aquaculture practices, aiming to enhance sustainability throughout the product lifecycle

In the afternoon, partners visited Leitat’s facilities, where several process and product demonstrations showcased the practical applications of the project’s innovations. This visit provided valuable hands-on insights and fostered deeper understanding and collaboration among partners.

Innoaqua Project - Biannual Meeting

Day 3: Outreach Strategy and Future Planning

The final day concentrated on refining the INNOAQUA outreach strategy. Partners planned upcoming events for the year, focusing on increasing the project’s visibility and impact. Additionally, discussions addressed key exploitation results, ensuring that the project’s innovations are effectively translated into real-world applications.

The INNOAQUA Project’s second biannual meeting was a resounding success, marked by insightful presentations, productive workshops, and strategic planning sessions.

Innoaqua Project - Biannual Meeting
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