Innoaqua Project

Innovative approaches for an integrated use of algae in sustainable aquaculture practices and high-value food applications.

17 partners

joining forces to focus on Sustainable Aquaculture Practices for Innovative Seafood products.

The INNOAQUA project aims to pave the path towards the upcoming sustainable and diversified EU in-land aquaculture industry by leaning on the demonstration and mainstreaming of innovative algae-based foods and solutions, and ecology, circularity and digitalization concepts.

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Operational objetives

Objective 1

To implement an ecosystem approach for sustainable management of aquaculture production.

Objective 2

To demonstrate tools to limit the waste in aquaculture cultivation and processing.

Objective 3

To demonstrate processing methods to obtain new innovative (algae-based) seafood products.

Objective 4

To enhance the societal acceptance and market penetration of innovative seafood products through novel social simulation approaches.

Objective 5

To maximize wider uptake of INNOAQUA’s results during and after the project’s execution.


An important source of alternative low-carbon footprint protein.

Latest News

European Maritime Day: A Highlight for the INNOAQUA Project

In a notable stride towards enhancing maritime sustainability and innovation, the INNOAQUA Project, spearheaded by NORCE (Norwegian Research Centre), proudly participated in the European Maritime Day (EMD) held on May 30-31, 2024. This event, hosted by the European Commission, serves as a pivotal platform for maritime professionals and stakeholders to converge, share knowledge, and foster collaboration within the maritime community.