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The INNOAQUA Project exemplifies European collaboration by uniting diverse experts and organizations to revolutionize aquaculture practices. Focused on sustainable, algae-based solutions, the INNOAQUA project integrates cutting-edge digital technologies and circular economy principles to enhance aquaculture’s environmental and economic performance.

By fostering partnerships among European projects, research centers, industry, and local communities, the INNOAQUA project aims to advance sustainable food production, reduce environmental impact, and improve societal acceptance of innovative seafood products across Europe.

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Project coordinator: Dorinde Kleinegris

Innoaqua Sister Projects

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Innovative approaches for marine and freshwater based ingredients to develop sustainable foods and value chains

IMPRESS is an industry driven project, based on sound science and centred around the EU Bioeconomy and Blue Growth strategies, striving to promote sustainable and zero-waste production and consumption. The four-year project, co-funded by Horizon Europe officially began May 1, 2023 and brings together a multidisciplinary 14-member consortium from 7 countries. Led by TEAGASC, the consortium will work together to address critical sustainability challenges faced by the marine and freshwater sectors, spanning from sea to shelf.

IMPRESS will unlock the potential of low trophic species to create new food products and non-food products (biopesticides, biofertilizers, fish feed) and enhance the zero-waste approach by utilising wastewater streams and solid by-products of commercial processing to extract high value ingredients and test the potential of these nutrient-rich waters to support duckweed and microalgae growth. Conventional and emerging technologies will be studied to enhance the extraction process while increasing the yield and quality of isolated compounds. The project will also develop and pilot biopolymer blends and composites for producing compostable polymer films for food packaging applications and coatings to increase shelf life.

In order to better understand consumer behaviour and develop products inline with consumer needs, IMPRESS will conduct consumer surveys, host innovation workshops, present at academic conferences, industry fairs, and exhibitions, even lead cooking classes. Stay tuned, IMPRESS is just beginning its journey!


Demonstration of innovative functional food production systems based on a more sustainable value chain of marine and freshwater raw materials for conscientious European consumers.

The NOVAFOODIES Project is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at transforming the aquatic food production sector through innovation and sustainability. This collaborative effort spans across Europe, Israel, and China, and focuses on integrating multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) systems. By leveraging these systems, NOVAFOODIES promotes the efficient use of resources and minimizes environmental impact.

One of the key strategies of NOVAFOODIES is the development of high-value products from macroalgae cultivation. This involves cutting-edge techniques such as microwave-assisted drying, which enhances the quality and nutritional value of the products while ensuring energy efficiency. Additionally, the project addresses logistical and economic challenges to optimize the entire production process.

NOVAFOODIES also places a strong emphasis on waste valorization. By converting waste into valuable resources, the project not only reduces environmental footprint but also creates new economic opportunities within the aquaculture industry. This approach aligns with the principles of a circular economy, ensuring that resources are utilized to their fullest potential.
To further support the aquaculture community, NOVAFOODIES is developing an innovative marketplace platform and mobile application. This digital tool will connect end-users directly with traceable and nutritious aquatic food products, enhancing transparency and consumer trust. By providing comprehensive information about product origins and production methods, the platform aims to foster informed consumer choices and boost the market for sustainable seafood.

In summary, the NOVAFOODIES Project is dedicated to advancing sustainable aquatic food production through technological innovation, efficient resource use, and enhanced consumer engagement. By addressing environmental, economic, and logistical challenges, NOVAFOODIES is paving the way for a more sustainable and competitive future in the aquaculture sector.