Algemy Showcases INNOAQUA Project at Alimentaria Fair in Barcelona

Algemy - Alimentaria 2024

From March 18 to March 21, 2024, the Innoaqua project, represented by partner Algemy, participated in the prestigious Alimentaria fair held in Barcelona. This event served as a prime platform to introduce the INNOAQUA project to more than 80 stakeholders, among a backdrop of 108,000 visitors traversing through the fairgrounds.

During the event, Derek Latil de Ros, featured on a program aired by the Spanish national TV channel, RTVE, on March 23, 2024. In the segment, although not explicitly discussing INNOAQUA, Derek elucidated on the significance of microalgae, shedding light on their properties and potential applications. This appearance underscores Algemy’s commitment to raising awareness about sustainable food sources and pioneering advancements in the field of microalgae-based solutions.

Watch the replay here at 34 minutes and 25 seconds.

Alimentaria Fair: A Global Epicenter of Food, Drinks, and Gastronomy

Alimentaria stands as an unparalleled Food, Drinks, and Gastronomy Experience, attracting professionals and enthusiasts globally. Renowned as the international rendezvous point for professionals in the food, beverage, and food service industry, Alimentaria is celebrated for its diverse offerings and serves as a hub for networking and business development.

This year’s edition boasted an expanded spectrum of participation options, with a heightened focus on internationalization, innovation, gastronomy, and specialization. It provided an invaluable opportunity for forging new alliances and exploring emerging trends in the food industry.

Learn more by visiting Alimentaria fair website.

Algemy - Alimentaria 2024

The participation of Algemy in the Alimentaria fair provided an invaluable opportunity to showcase the groundbreaking initiatives of the INNOAQUA project to a global audience. As the food industry converges in Barcelona, the project remains committed to driving sustainable innovation and shaping the future of aquaculture.

For more information about the INNOAQUA project and its initiatives, please visit INNOAQUA Project Website.

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In a world where sustainable solutions are paramount, the INNOAQUA project stands at the forefront of innovation, focusing on algae as a crucial source of alternative, low-carbon footprint protein. Algae, often overlooked, possess incredible potential to revolutionize the way we produce protein, offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional livestock farming.