Come and Meet the Innoaqua Project at the Alimentaria Fair

Innoaqua - Algemy - Alimentaria - 2024

From March 18 to March 21, 2024, the Innoaqua project, represented by partner Algemy, will be taking part in the Alimentaria fair held in Barcelona.

Alimentaria stands as a unique Food, Drinks, and Gastronomy Experience, drawing professionals and enthusiasts alike from around the globe.

As the international rendezvous point for professionals in the food, beverage, and food service industry, Alimentaria garners attention for its enticing array of offerings. Rooted in the sector’s pivotal markets and consumer trends, it serves as the cornerstone event for networking and business development.

This year’s edition promises an expanded spectrum of participation options, coupled with a heightened focus on its distinguishing features: internationalization, innovation, gastronomy, and specialization. It is an indispensable occasion, brimming with opportunities to forge new alliances and explore emerging trends.

For those eager to delve into the world of culinary innovation and market trends, the Alimentaria fair is a must-attend event.

To learn more about the fair and secure your spot, visit the official website: Alimentaria Fair.

As the industry converges in Barcelona, the Innoaqua Project eagerly anticipates the chance to showcase its innovations and contribute to the dynamic dialogue shaping the future of food and beverage.

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