Join Us at European Maritime Day 2024: INNOAQUA Project Coordinator NORCE Takes the Spotlight

Innoaqua - European Maritime Day

European Maritime Day (EMD) 2024 promises to be a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and sustainability in the maritime sector. Among the distinguished participants, NORCE, the coordinator of the groundbreaking INNOAQUA Project, is set to shine as it brings its expertise and vision to the forefront.

Mark your calendars for May 30-31, 2024, as Svendborg becomes the epicenter of maritime excellence.

Exploring the INNOAQUA Project: NORCE, a renowned research institute based in Norway, spearheads the INNOAQUA Project, a pioneering initiative focused on revolutionizing aquaculture through innovation and sustainability. With a multidisciplinary approach and cutting-edge technologies, INNOAQUA aims to address key challenges facing the aquaculture industry, including environmental impact, resource efficiency, and production optimization.

Why NORCE’s Participation Matters: As the coordinator of the INNOAQUA Project, NORCE brings invaluable insights, research findings, and solutions to the table. Its presence at European Maritime Day 2024 underscores its commitment to driving positive change in aquaculture and beyond. By sharing its knowledge and engaging with stakeholders, NORCE contributes to shaping a more sustainable and resilient maritime future.

What to Expect at European Maritime Day 2024: Join NORCE and other maritime experts, policymakers, industry leaders, and stakeholders at European Maritime Day 2024 in Svendborg. The event offers a dynamic platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration. Attendees can look forward to insightful discussions, interactive sessions, innovative showcases, and opportunities to explore the latest trends and developments in the maritime sector.

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Register before May 10th, 2024.

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